It's time for super GOLDEN PAIR rabu-rabu action!
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Welcome to Talya Firedancer's Prince of Tennis fanfiction page!

Prince of Tennis is a budding new obsession of mine. So far the fics are few, but the desire to write is burgeoning. Not to mention, my new favorite character, Kikumaru Eiji, keeps handing me ideas like they're going out of style. I'd say it's a safe bet you can expect to see more "Prince of Tennis" stories on this page in the coming weeks and months.

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 Seigaku's Golden Pair 

The Most Important Thing
Eiji thinks he's been forgotten on an important day, and Ooishi shows him otherwise. A short, fluffy story that marginally qualifies as gen. Written for Eiji's birthday, 11/28/03
Truth or Dare
Something's been brewing, and Fuji wants to get to the bottom of it. He challenges Eiji to a match. After Eiji comes to a key realization, what is he going to do about it? Written for Cali-chan and Kay Willow, 12/12/03
Chocolate Kisses by Kuwabara no Miko
Ooishi takes home enough valentines to overwhelm him, but he already has the sweetest prize of all. Written for Talya for Valentine's Day, 14/02/04.
This fic is for 18+.

 Seigaku Regulars 

When the pressure drops, things change. A character-focused piece from Fuji's point of view, present tense. This is...different. Mostly gen, shadings of Tezu/Fuji and Ooishi/Eiji.
A Summer Afternoon
Tezuka invites Fuji along on a fishing trip, and his real catch of the day is...? Written for White Day, 14/03/04.
Of these few things, Fuji Shuusuke can be sure. Takes place shortly (unspecified) after the Hyoutei matches. Written for Shi Lin, 31/12/03
No Replacement by Kuwabara no Miko
Before Tezuka leaves for Germany, certain assurances are made.
Animal Instinct
When Ryouma brings home a kitten, Echizen Nanjirou realizes right away this means trouble.

 And Now for Something Different 

Beware the Juice by Kuwabara no Miko
Inui develops a new kind of juice, and uses the Seigaku regulars as his guinea pigs. Light and humorous!
One in Ten
My response to a challenge on the livejournal Tenipuri_yaoi community: pair up the Golden Pair with anyone but one another...whether they get together or not! Of course, I'm a sap, so...
Starting Over
Sometimes when you tear down everything that came before, you need to begin from the ground up. There's your foundation.


Check out Kuwabara no Miko's Courtside Prince of Tennis page for her lovely fanart...and doujinshi!