Kitty Ears

by Talya Firedancer

"I can't do this," the muffled voice came from the closed bathroom door.

Riku hiked a silver brow high, not shifting from his casual crossed-arms pose against the wall. "You lost the bet," he reminded the bathroom's occupant in an implacable tone.

"You don't have a camera?" Sora's voice continued, plaintive and resigned.

Riku snorted softly. "No...I don't have a camera. Get out here, Sora."

The door cracked open.

Without moving a muscle, Riku's posture suddenly shifted from "bored" to "high alert." After a few seconds, the door swung wide enough to admit one slender spiky-haired boy.

He was nearly nude, dressed solely in a black scrap of silk thong with barely enough material to cover the essentials, and a garter belt and hose that held up black fishnets, and to crown it all, a hairband that failed to tame his spiky brown hair. Plush black kitty ears jutted up from the band.

"Are you SURE you don't have a camera?" Sora demanded, his face crimson with the influx of blood, voice strangled.

Vivid turquoise eyes raking him up and down, Riku shook his head and, to Sora's wonder, delivered no sarcastic remarks.

Sora squirmed. Those intent eyes were like a touch stroking the length of his bare skin. "Then...why did you make me DRESS like this, if not to make fun!?" he exclaimed, voice thick with suppressed outrage.

Riku gave him a lazy grin, loped towards him, and took him by surprise, pushing him to the bed with no resistance. He proceeded to pull the scrap of silk down and demonstrate "why" at great length.

After Sora's eyes finally unswirled and he found his tongue, he managed a feeble "Ahh...THAT kind of fun..."