by Kuwabara no Miko

"We should wait until night."

Depthless cerulean eyes blinked, flashing double images of a tall, silver-braided magician. "Okay."

Guile stifled a smirk, grateful that his mask hid most of his facial expressions. Ah, this Serge was such a sweet, tractable lad. And so very pretty. It was still mid-afternoon -- the sun would not set for at least three more hours... and here they were, in a deserted section of Viper Manor's aft quarters, and here was this lovely, totally innocent, country-fresh young man, so completely unaware of his own attraction, just begging to be--

"Good idea! Ret's retht whire we have a chanthe!"

Damnation! Guile scowled. He'd forgotten the presence of a certain lisping pink dog!

Well, that was a problem easily solved. Just one quick flick of his ankle, and....


"Poshul!!" Serge rushed to the edge of the parapet, staring down in horror at the two rapidly disappearing pink tails.

"Ara ma," Guile murmured, his own emerald gaze fixed on that firm little backside; unfortunately cloaked in those ridiculously baggy shorts. "What do you suppose happened?"

"Maybe she slipped?" Serge suggested, though he sounded uncertain. Guile gave the boy credit for that, while at the same time being glad Serge hadn't seen the not-too-gentle "nudge" he had given the hindersome pooch.

"Possibly," he replied blandly.

"I hope she's okay," Serge faltered. So concerned over a teammate -- what a generous boy!

"Don't worry -- she'll bounce." Guile was not so altruistic, though he did manage to keep the chuckle out of his smooth baritone. Well, after all, the dog squeaked when she walked and rebounded off of enemies like a beach ball... she *had* to be made out of rubber or something, and Guile was half-convinced she was filled with helium! He was just glad Serge had had the good taste to choose himself as a guide into Viper Manor -- the youth was in desperate need of a companion with something so simple as dignity... stunning looks... hell, some decent fashion sense would be a good start!

Not that there was anything wrong with Serge's chest-hugging, arm-baring black shirt... but that vest and those shorts just *had* to go -- and the sooner the better!

"I don't think.... Maybe we should go after her." Serge was still fretting over the vanished canine. How sweet. "It'll take her at least an hour to climb back up, and there are all those locknests to fight, and...."

"Don't worry too much about it," Guile smirked, gliding over so that his footsteps wouldn't give him away, and returning to ground directly behind Serge. "Poshul can take care of herself. And I can think of better things to spend an hour or two doing...."

"Huh?" Serge spun, startled by the rich voice sounding directly in his ear -- not to mention the tall, lean form unabashedly invading his personal space. "G-Guile?" he squeaked, sounding even more young than his seventeen years. Ah, innocence....

That was going to have to be the first thing to go!

"As I was saying," Guile purred, backing Serge up against the parapet and planting a hand to either side of the flustered youth, "I can think of *much* nicer things we can spend a couple of hours doing than climbing down after that daffy dog."

Serge opened his lush mouth -- most likely to rise to Poshul's defense -- and Guile took the opening too good to resist, capturing the young man's lips in a hair-tingling, toe-curling kiss, while at the same time plucking the Sea Swallow from an unresisting hand and propping it, carefully out of reach, against the railing.

"G-Guile!" the boy gasped when the older man finally drew away to allow them both to breathe. The magician found himself fixated on the wet, swollen curves of Serge's trembling lips, and as he was never one to deny himself, he gave in to the temptation to taste them yet again. Serge squeaked against his devouring mouth, and his hands rose to clutch at silver-embroidered white sleeves over corded muscle.

"Am I getting my point across clearly enough?" Guile asked, once they broke once again for a few gasping breaths.

Serge nodded speechlessly, then yelped as the tall magician grasped him and spun him with ease, slinging him over the stone parapet.

"Good. Then we don't have to stop for any unnecessary explanations," Guile asserted. He bent over Serge, lipping at one ear. "Prepared yourself for this, young Serge." The evidence of his desire nudged with unhesitating directness at the supple curve of Serge's behind.

"Shimatta! Leena is never going to believe I lost my virginity to a man in a mask!" Serge wailed piteously... but it could be noted that he was not struggling to extricate himself from the situation.

Guile laughed aloud at that, then set about despoiling the little pretty as thoroughly as their present situation would allow -- and it allowed for a lot!

Ah, what a delirious way to pass a couple of hours! He was very pleased with his new playtoy -- and he was going to make sure Serge would be very pleased before this was all over!

Now, Guile set about giving them both something to do until nightfall.


Down at the base of Viper Bluffs, Korcha sighed, giving his fishing lure a little twitch every now and then. Who knew how long he was going to be stuck waiting here. Fishing was something to do to kill some time, but everyone was right -- his fishing skills sucked. He was just having *no* luck to--


"Yaaah!" Korcha leapt to his feet, spinning, ready for battle....

And came face to face with a puffy pink face, beady black eyes spinning, floppy red tongue lolling.

"YAAAH!" He prepared to fire off his Headbutt Tech attack, then caught himself. While it had scared him silly, he recognized that face....

"Poshul! Whacha doing down here?" Korcha asked incredulously, craning his neck to peer up the bluffs. That was a long way down, and Poshul had evidently traversed it end over front.

"Me not know," the canine wobbled, still looking a little shaken, though essentially unharmed. Her button eyes were confused. "Maybe there wath a battle! All me know ith me felt a big shove, then me wath farring! Me better hurry back up and make thure Thergie-poo ith okay!"

"Uh, yeah." Korcha scratched at his red ponytail as he watched the dog begin her slow, squeaking way back up the bluffs. That had been really... weird. But then, what could you expect, hanging around someone like Serge?

He sighed and bent to pick up his rod again. The hook was bare of bait, and he cursed.

There *had* to be a better way to pass the time!

*owari~iii da!* ^_^

(And there was much rejoicing! ^_~)