Making Adjustments

by Talya Firedancer

"Maybe it's some kind of male estrus," Richard says helpfully, his hand tracing idle circles on Clark's hipbone in a distinctly not-helpful manner.

Clark shoots him a narrow look and Richard has to suppress a laugh. "I don't really want to talk about it," he says, flat.

"Fine, fine," Richard says, lifting both hands, and Clark rolls onto his back, true-blue eyes staring up at the ceiling. "I just think, I mean come on, I've called us both in sick for three days and no-doubt ruined both our reputations, so maybe I'm entitled to a bit of amusing speculation?"

Clark heaves a sigh, but even though it's only been ten minutes his body is showing renewed signs of interest that makes Richard raise a brow. He'd never before considered the possibility that a man could engage in sex to the death. He can be thankful at least for the fact that Clark doesn't molest him while he's sleeping.

"What if this is something every adult male Kryptonian goes through?" Richard muses. "Something so basic that your father never thought to record it on any of the knowledge crystals."

"If that were the case," Clark argues, "you'd think it would be triggered by something in particular, right?"

Richard shrugs, reaches over, and absent-mindedly begins to take Clark in hand. "Well, a lot of human mammals are turned on depending on what cycle the earth is around the sun. That's why it's called 'in season' -- so maybe you and what would've been Krypton's cycle--"

"Unh," Clark responds, rolling his hips, clearly no longer interested in intellectualities.

Richard grins and gives Clark his undivided attention.

Much, much later, Richard opens his eyes to see Clark hovering over him - literally.

"Richard?" Clark prompts, looking anxious.

"Mmm," Richard mumbles back, because his brain hasn't yet engaged enough to figure out whether his body should really be awake or not. "Clark? Now?"

"Actually...would you...wear something for me?" Clark asks, drifting to take up a position beside him on the bed.

"Hmm?" Richard prompts, deciding this merits the opening of both eyes.

Clark blinks, grins, and holds up one finger. A thong dangles from the end of it, and Richard squints.

"Leopard print?" He eyes it incredulously, too shocked to even laugh.

"Please?" Clark asks, then pulls the clincher. He gives Richard the puppy eyes.

Richard sighs, but he's already grinning. "Hand it over," he replies. Oddly enough, this has rekindled his interest.