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Welcome to the Final Fantasy page. These are all fics based off the best-selling Squaresoft juggernaut; if you haven't heard of Final Fantasy there's just no hope for you! This page is here because someone pointed out that the number of Final Fantasy fics that I had exceeded the number of Kenshin fic, which has its own page. Since I try to be consistent, and since Final Fantasy fiction is becoming a major part of my fanfic writing, it's earned its own space.

Fics are organized numerically by game, and are written by me unless otherwise noted with a byline. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to write! You can e-mail me at bounddreamer @ gmail.

Burn Like the Sun
FF7, Sephiroth, Zax/Cloud. 2001 birthday fic for becki, just because. Spoilers for Cloud's background and good large hunks of the game up to the end. (This fic is for 18+)
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven

Baby Blue by Kuwabara no Miko.
Valentine's Day, February 2002 giftfic. Spoiler-free; Zax and Cloud share a sensual afternoon of free time. (This fic is for 18+)
Bon by Kuwabara no Miko.
July 27th, 2001 birthday-fic. The complexities of Rufus Shinra, and the unswerving devotion of Tseng. (This fic is for 18+) (Shotakon warning.)


Diamond Dust
A Laguna retrospective; how Squall got Shiva. Er...non-yaoi warning? Numerous background spoilers for FF8 plotline.
Seifer stumbles upon Squall in an unlikely place, and invites him for a couple of drinks. Inevitably, they fight. (This fic is for 18+)
Irvine dogs Squall's steps on the anniversary of a painful memory. Numerous background spoilers for FF8.
Put Up, Shut Up
FF8 fic by Useless Twinky. A...hrmm...interesting take at what may've happened sometime during the jaunt to the Tomb of the Unknown King. (This fic is for 18+)
Vengeance Like Nectar by Kuwabara no Miko.
The first feature fanfic appearance of the infamous Chocoboy, Kiryuu Tsumaru. (This fic is for 18+) (Shotakon warning.)
Whoops, I Did It Again by Kuwabara no Miko.
In which the Chocoboy proves he will not be dislodged so easily. (This fic is for 18+)

First Heart's Day in Treno
This is a Valentine's Day fic for my best beloved, c. 2001. ^____^ Spoiler-free story of Zidane's first performance in Treno, and the deepening of his relationship with Blank. (This fic is for 18+)
WINNER of the 2002 Tattered Streamers "Best Overall" award.
Backstage Pass
After putting on a performance for the fifteenth anniversary of Cid's reign in Lindblum, Zidane entertains an unexpected backstage visitor. Later, thwarted by a colleague, he seeks comfort in Blank's arms. (This fic is for 18+)
Starlight, Starbright
Giftfic for becki, Christmas 2001. How Blank got his skin grafts. Mild shounen-ai; gore. (This fic is for 13+)
The Auction Block
Giftfic for Ka-chan, Christmas 2001. During the Card Tournament in Treno, Eiko eavesdrops on a surprising bit of history...and decides to take action!
A Wind-Blown Feather
After the events of the game, what really happened to Zidane?

A brief look at events that may have happened shortly after the end of the game. Spoilers for the game ending; fits in rather neatly with the International Version teaser, I think. Not yaoi.
The Missing Jecht Sphere
Written as a last-minute humor entry for Tsumaru's "Tattered Streamers" contest.
WINNER of the 2002 Tattered Streamers award for "Best Humor.
Lunch Break by The Chocoboy
A fun retrospective PWP involving the summoner, the guardian, and the man from Zanarkand. Valentine's Day 2002 giftfic. (This fic is for 18+)
Visceral - Based on Final Fantasy X-2.
A drabble written for my lj-friends a few years ago. (This fic is for 13+)