Heat Lightning
by Talya Firedancer

"Koganei, it's too hot for this."


"Koganei.  Don't touch me there."

A fang-studded pout. "Aww, niichan, you're NO fun!"

Dryly, "I am not your niichan.  And it's too hot for your brand of fun."

"C'mon... you know we'd just get sticky anyhow... think of the weather as a head start." Determined squirming.



"Itai yo!!"

"I *said* not to touch me there."

Quivering lip.  Brimming tears.  "Hidoi yo..."


"You don't want me anymore, do you?"  Plaintive accusation.

"Wait until it cools down some.  Until then....no."

"Ouch!!  Hey, can't you just..." vague gesture, "uh, use your Zettai Reido?"

"That would entail getting up and finding my Ensui."

Twitch.  "Jerk."


Then, "Sex fiend."

"You know it!" Another bright fang-flashing grin.


The sound of bare feet scampering over floorboards.  The soft *shump* of the refrigerator door being opened, then shut.

Springs creaked.

A muffled giggle.

Mikagami Tokiya's eyes flew open.

"K'SO!! That's COLD!!"

A smirk.  "Well, you said you were too hot and sticky.  You said wait until it cools down some.  This cold enough for ya?"


Pause.  Smirk.

A soft catch of breath.

"A popsicle."  Squirm.  "You wanna experiment?"

"Innovative."  Pause.  "I find my libido soaring to new heights of ecchi-ness."

Breathless silence.

"So, that was a yes, right?"