If you're here, then you've probably found what you're looking for. Everything on this page -- almost everything -- contains shounen-ai or yaoi content, in varying degrees. Heed the tags, and don't read what you can't handle.

Yaoi is the Japanese acronym for 'yama-nashi, ochi-nashi, imi-nashi,' roughly translated, 'no climax, no meaning, no point.' Or if you're feeling playful, yamete, oshiri ga itai. "Stop, my ass hurts! =^_^=

This page is chock-full of lemony goodness of the M/M variety. If you don't know the terminology, that means SMUT! Two boys or two men kissing/fondling/dancing the horizontal tango. I've done my duty. I've warned y'all -- I'm not trying to corrupt the innocents, I'm trying to scare 'em off before they get too far.

If you're underage in the place that you live, please heed the warnings and do not ask me for a password to the smut. All fanfiction is clearly labeled as to whether it's for 18 and over, or not. Links for those lead to a password-protected directory. If you don't belong on this site, go elsewhere.

If you've read the warnings, heed them. If you've skipped the warnings, I'll laugh my arse off if you flame or otherwise try to upbraid me.