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Welcome to Firedancer's Flame of Recca Fanfiction Page.

*wave wave* Welcome to my "Flame of Recca" fanfiction. Most of the stuff here was posted under the name "Alyssa Tay Tanoko."

Most of the stuff here is TOKIYA AND KOGANEI. While not classifiable as shotakon, the (fictional) boys depicted in these stories are both underage. Please use your judgment and don't read the stories if you're not comfortable with that.

 Tokiya and Koganei's Arc 

Golden Eyes
...The first Koganei fic, this features Raiha and Koganei, implied Kurei/Koganei, and is a background fic for Tokiya and Koganei's relationship. I'll be the first to admit it's somewhat disturbing, but this is how it wanted to be written. (This fic is for 18+)(Shotakon warning.)
Breaking the Ice
The first Tokiya/Koganei fic. It contains a plot device as old as the damsel in the tower, but whatever... they got together! ^_^ (This fic is for 18+)
Razor's Edge
Tokiya and Koganei explore the limits of their relationship, and what they would do for one another. (This fic is for 18+)
In the Wakeful Moments
Koganei wants to take their relationship to the next level. Tokiya, as ever, needs some convincing. (This fic is for 18+)
Heat Lightning
A silly, short fluff fic. ^_^ A summer interlude. (This fic is 13+)
For a Rainy Afternoon
Koganei's unsettled and not as happy as he could be. Yanagi offers a surprising (try shocking!) solution. And Touma makes his first forceful entry into the world of fanfic. *groan* (This fic is for 18+)
Too Much is Not Enough
This was originally titled "The Touma fic." That should tell you something. But there's a real plot here, I promise. Warning -- this fic is LONG, and Touma plays a prominent role. (This fic is for 18+)
Phoenix Burn
Kurei takes an active role. (Anything more would be a spoiler for the above fic.) (This fic is for 18+)
Rude Awakening
A complete and utter PWP featuring an older Tokiya and Koganei. (This fic is for 18+)

 Assorted Other Flame of Recca Fic 

The Menace from (Another) Earth
A humor fic, featuring a "Maze" crossover, and some tug-of-war with Tokiya. (This fic is 13+)
Wild Card in the Water
Becki's birthday fic, 7/26/00. ^_^ An alternate pairing fic. This is based off a Japanese fanart image, which I'd like to post...if I can find it... It's Joker/Tokiya. (This fic is for 18+)
Okaeri Nasai
Proving that boys gone through time-portals can come home again, after all. Written for Joy, Christmas Dec. 29th 2003.
These Things Happen by Kuwabara no Miko
My birthday fic from KnM, July 27th 2002. ^_^ This is an alternate-universe fanfic based off of "Too Much is Not Enough" (above). What if Touma had lived with his uncle Kouji instead of his aunt Sayuri? What if he'd had a little brother, Tsumaru, left behind with Aunt Sayuri instead of a sister? (This fic is for 10+ due to action and sexually suggestive content.)
Like Coals to Newcastle by Kuwabara no Miko
My birthday fic from KnM, July 27th 1999. ^_^ This is a cute, sweet little original/obscure manga crossover (explained in author's notes). A visiting incubus tries to pair Touma up for Valentine's Day, with unexpected results. (This fic is for 18+)
A Simple Game
A retrospective. Touma's first time. Heavy, HEAVY lime, no penetration. (This fic is for 18+)(Warning: young Touma.)