Oh, Wilt Thout Leave Me So Unsatisfied?

by Talya Firedancer

Duo woke up fuzzy-headed, grimacing at the peculiar taste in his mouth. His braincase felt like it was going to explode at any second, as if the simplest movement would fracture his skull into a hundred pieces. He winced. Ouch. Even that hurt.

I must've gotten very, very plastered last night, he deduced, then blinked as he realized he was snuggled up against something warm and supple. Funny... I don't remember Quatre loaning me any teddy bears...

He raised his head blearily, peering from underneath straggling brown bangs, and released a bloodcurdling shriek.

Well, at least he tried.

All that came out of his mouth was a feeble croak; no doubt the monstrous hangover was responsible. That wasn't all the liquor was responsible for, either, as he looked over at the thing... the person that he was cuddled up in bed with, his naked chest pressed against the other's.

Heero Yuy.

Ohmygod... was the only thing Duo's frazzled mind could produce. Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod. Heero's in bed with me. If it was a dream, it was the best damned dream he'd had yet; a far cry better than the daydreams he'd contented himself with. He snuggled closer, inhaling Heero's musky scent, that even over a week off the last mission still carried faint traces of gunpowder. Or something.

Then he blinked.

Am I naked?

He wriggled slightly, freeing himself from Heero's stranglehold grasp, and put one hand to the sheet. Heero mumbled something inarticulate, grabbing him again, one arm winding around his waist as he pulled him closer. Duo turned into a little pile of putty. Well... he would've, if he hadn't been afraid of doing irreparable damage to Quatre's spare bedroom's sheets. Then he lifted his hand, determined.

No... he was still wearing boxers. He twitched the sheet, unable to see if Heero was clad or unclad. Was he...?

Heero made another little noise in his sleep, throwing his leg over Duo, tangling up the sheets, and resting his head in the crook of Duo's shoulder. Duo froze. Was he waking up? And what had they done, anyway?

Oh, yeah...

Bits and pieces of last night began to float back to him. Wufei's nosebleed contest... Heero punching Wufei in the nose... getting shoved in the closet by a giggling Quatre and Trowa... and then Heero's lips on his. Heero's hands on him. Heero's...

He shook his head a little, then tried not to groan as a wave of pain rippled through his skull. Ouch, his brain felt tight. He couldn't remember a whole lot after that. He barely remembered getting in bed with Heero, let alone...

Did we... ?

He frowned, uncertain. Wouldn't he feel a whole lot more... sore? He started to blush just thinking about it. Unless he'd been the one to...

A thin little stream of blood spurted out one nostril.


Duo brought his hand up from the tangled sheet, wiping frantically at the line of crimson that had practically exploded from his nose. Heero stirred next to him, his angelic sleeping face frowning, tightening into that more familiar scowling mask he was used to seeing. Duo was almost disappointed. Heero was so beautiful in his sleep. He grabbed the edge of the pillow and used it to wipe the blood away.

"Hhnn... Duo?"

Duo froze. "Yes?" he replied cautiously, pretty certain that now Heero was awake – and sober – he would probably beat the shit out of him. What would Heero possibly want with him? When he could have a girl like Relena. A very persistent, very rich girl like Relena.

Heero's intense blue gaze bored into him. Duo was fixated like a rabbit in headlights – unable to tear his eyes away, strangely fascinated even though he knew he was probably only going to get hurt.

"Ohayo," he murmured cheerfully, not knowing what else to say.

Heero said nothing. He continued to stare into Duo's eyes, as a sinking feeling built up in the pit of his stomach. Oh, he was in deep shit. Heero was awake, and remembered, and wasn't happy.

"Heero... gomen! I mean, I knew this was probably going to happen – you getting mad, I mean," he gulped. "We were both drunk – it was Quatre's stupid idea, but I'm really sorry! And now you're probably really pissed now that you're sober, but I swear, I—"

"Duo," Heero interjected forcefully, his voice fierce.

Duo swallowed hard. "Y-Yes?"

"Shut up," Heero growled, closing the space between them, his lips covering Duo's mouth.

For a third time, Duo was frozen. Then Heero's arms tightened around him, the tip of his tongue questing across Duo's lip, and the brown-braided pilot sighed, letting his lips flow open to Heero's insistent kiss. This was much, much better than a dream. He kissed him back eagerly.

Of course, he still didn't know exactly what they'd done last night. He vaguely remembered Heero's hand... down his pants. And it had felt very, very good.

He wriggled closer, and Heero's hands began to caress him the way they had last night, turning his skin into something molten, floating in a hot sea with every nerve-ending alight. Heero gave him another sloppy kiss then moved his tongue to Duo's collarbone, then nipped at the skin of his neck.

A startled moan was pulled from Duo's lips as Heero moved down further, his mouth closing over a nipple, sucking hard. "Ah—ah... Heero—" he panted, now completely convinced that Heero was perfectly happy with whatever had happened last night.

Heero's hands continued to move over him as that pooling ache started up between his legs, that wonderful concentrated fiery sensation. Duo groaned as Heero moved further, with lips and hands, and his tongue, and then hands were tugging at his boxers, pulling them off despite his wordless noise of protest, and a hand closed over the throbbing ache and he moaned in surprise, thrusting up against him.


He still couldn't believe this was happening. Still couldn't permit himself to think that Heero Yuy, perfect soldier, and not-too-incidentally the boy who'd been haunting his dreams for the longest time now, could possibly return his interest the same way.

Even though Heero Yuy was dipping his tongue into Duo's bellybutton at that moment.

Duo arched up against him, breath sobbing between his lips at the teasing pressure Heero was applying against his skin, not quite enough... he looked down into Heero's intense blue eyes that were fixed on him, waiting. Heero gave him a tiny smile, and as Duo was blinking at the unfamiliar expression, his tongue emerged to flick across the tip of Duo's swollen arousal.

Duo gasped, his whole body straining up to that point of contact, shocks of pleasure singing through every lit-up nerve as Heero's mouth closed over him, and began to suck.

Incoherent sounds tumbled past his lips, and he thrust up into Heero's mouth almost mindlessly, completely in the grip of what Heero was doing to him. Then he yelped as he felt a finger prodding him... down there. Heero's mouth moved up and down, distracting him, and then the finger slid inside of him.

"OW!" Duo yelled, wincing reflectively away from the pain – which pushed him further into Heero's mouth. Sobbing breath escaped his lips, and he looked down frantically. "Heero... what're you doing to me?"

"It'll feel better soon," Heero pulled away his mouth to reassure him, eyes burning into Duo's. "Trust me."

Duo frowned, but he lay back on the bed again, trying not to tense as Heero's finger moved around, hissing at the pain. He groaned as Heero's lips closed over him again. And then he really started to moan, as Heero's intrusive digit brushed against something that jolted his entire world. "Ahh... "

Heero's mouth continued to move over him for a few more strokes, then suddenly the finger and the lips and the tongue were gone and he looked up, startled, gasping. Heero patted his thigh.

"Get up."

"H-huh?" Duo breathed. "I-I don't think I can move... "

"Get up, turn over, and get on your hands and knees," Heero ordered, voice husky.

Duo got up and did it, his whole body tingling, having a vague idea of what Heero was after. The realization only excited him more.

Heero's hands grasped his hips and he started involuntarily, the simple contact washing along his skin like a jolt of electricity. He sighed as Heero's lips pressed against the base of his spine, a cool butterfly kiss that made his stomach tighten, then kissed him again, where his spine ended and the crack of his rear began.

"Duo... " Heero's voice was low, raw.

"Hunh?" Duo gasped, focused completely on the sensation of Heero's hands, and his heated breath moving over his skin.

". . ."

Heero's mouth moved over the base of his spine, and he nibbled at him lightly, tongue flicking over the little pit at the very tail end.

"What – Heero?" Duo managed to get out, around the distracting pulse of Heero's tongue.

Heero paused in his kissing. "This is... your first time."

It was a statement, but at the same time Heero made it sound like a question, without it being one.

"Aa," Duo agreed, suddenly embarrassed. Was it Heero's, too? Or did he think that Duo was woefully inexperienced?

"Is this..." Heero hesitated, and Duo nearly cried out with frustration. His whole body was quivering. "Is this okay?"

"H-hai..." Duo paused. There was nothing he wanted more. "Heero. I want it to be you."

Heero kissed him again, the same place, then Duo felt him bite gently into one buttock. He groaned.


The bed shifted underneath them as Heero moved. And then...

There was a loud knock on the door.

They froze.

"What do you want!?" Heero shouted, his voice flat and deadly.

Pause. Silence.

Duo gritted his teeth and felt like screaming. Heero's body was just behind him, so close...his hands were digging into his hips...

"Um... we're being called on a mission."

It was Quatre's voice, very tentative and apologetic.

"Fuck the mission," Heero replied grimly.

No... Duo thought forlornly... fuck me...

"What!?" Quatre squeaked, sounding astonished.

"Just give us thirty seconds," Heero called.

"WHAT!?" Duo shrieked, mortally insulted. Thirty seconds!? Thirty seconds!? Just who did Heero think he was!?

Maybe that's only how long a perfect soldier was supposed to take.

There was silence behind the door again, and Duo could just HEAR Quatre's eyes getting wide. Then, through muffled giggles, the Arabian pilot called through the door, "I'm sorry, but we really have to go now."

Heero cursed, releasing him and climbing off the bed, and Duo collapsed into the bedsheets, using every single bad word he'd ever heard in his life. This was the height of injustice. The best moment of his young life... and they had to be called away on a mission.

"Um...Heero, where are my clothes?"



Duo smirked triumphantly, swinging Shinigami's scythe in a wide soughing arc of destruction, cutting four Leos in half with one swipe.

"Sorry – but you've seen my Gundam!" Duo called to the approaching, apparently suicidal Leos. Why would they be stupid enough to willingly go to Death, after all? "You're all going to die!"

He threw Shinigami into the thick of the fray, but the Leos were no match for his Gundam's speed and strength. He cut them all down, then turned, his stomach tightening with worry.

Trowa, Wufei, and Heero had been sent into space, and it had been his and Quatre's job to ensure that they made it. Heero, in space, so cold and far away.

He plastered a devil-may-care grin on his face, and turned back to his opponents with blazing thermal scythe sweeping out to bring the comfort of oblivion to the OZ soldiers.



He flopped onto the bed, and brooded.

And as usual, his thoughts turned to the absent focus of his frustrated daydreams.

The last time he'd stayed in a boarding school, Heero had been with him, to listen to him prattle along, to joke with, to sweep the basketball courts with, to compete over missions with, to just sit there for hours staring at him without seeming like it...

"Damn you, Heero," he scowled, nibbling absently on the end of his braid. He pulled it out and frowned at the hair. That wouldn't do; it had been developing into a nervous habit lately and gods forbid he get split ends.

After that infuriating near-first time miss at Quatre's mountain retreat, he hadn't seen Heero in months. But he'd heard. Oh yeah, he'd heard.

"The fantastic exploits of the great Heero Yuy," Duo muttered sourly, giving up and shoving the end of his braid back into his mouth.

After he, Trowa, and Wufei had gone into space, they had scattered to take care of their targets and were hard-pressed, both by the colonies and by OZ. Wing Zero had disappeared for a month and Duo had gone into a kind of shock; fortunately Quatre had taken care of him, making sure that he didn't accidentally walk off a cliff, or break his teeth eating plates instead of food, or press the self-destruct button by accident while making repairs on Shinigami. (Hey, you never knew.)

Then Trowa had showed up at the mountain retreat, and besides being jealous at Trowa and Quatre's happiness, he'd been ecstatic to find that Heero had managed to return to Earth, somehow, somewhere.

He was less than thrilled to realize Heero had been bound for the Sank kingdom. Relena's kingdom.

After waiting a few more weeks he excused himself politely from Quatre's hospitality, and went back to making the rounds of boarding schools in preparation for another possible mission, scoping out potential OZ targets.

But it wasn't the same without Heero.

"Bastard," he muttered, pushing himself off the bed, folding his arms as he stared at the empty one, where Heero would probably be, if he had a roommate. It had now been two months since Heero's supposed return to Earth, and he'd imagined up all sorts of scenarios that would've kept Heero from returning to finish what they'd started. Hell, to at least let him know he wanted something from Duo, even lust, was... it was something. It might've been enough, for awhile.

"I sound like a love-struck virgin," Duo kidded himself.

His eyes went wide with shock. Hell. He was a...

He'd thought it over many times. Heero had crashlanded on Earth and been terribly hurt. (Yeah, right.) Heero had been captured and tortured by OZ soldiers. Heero had met up with Zechs again and they'd blown each other to hell and back. Heero had been called on another mission. Heero had gone to Relena, confessed his love, and they'd gotten married and had a kid on the way. No. Scratch that. Heero had self-destructed. (Again.) Heero had gone to the Sank kingdom to assassinate Relena, had killed her, and was languishing away in prison...

Duo ground his teeth in frustration. "I'm an idiot," he told himself. His reflection nodded cheerfully back at him. "Well, you don't have to agree!" he snapped.

A knock sounded on the door, and he frowned, walking over to open it. No one here at this boarding school knew him well enough to visit him. So who...?

The headmaster stood framed in the doorway, beaming broadly and impersonally. "Duo Maxwell? You have a single, right?"

Duo scowled, feeling privacy slip through his fingers. "Aa," he responded cautiously, giving the headmaster a smile every bit as wide and sincere.

"We've got a new student."

Duo let his smile widen, but it didn't reach his eyes. I don't want a roommate. I want Heero. "Oh, great. What do you want me to do, show him around? I'd be glad to."

"That's very kind of you," the headmaster beamed. "And he'll be your new roommate. Very good of you to make the transition smooth for him. Commendable."

"Aa. Commendable," Duo echoed weakly, still grinning. Well, it had been about time to move on anyway. He'd fix his files the way Heero showed him, and...


"This is your new roommate, Duo; his name is..."

"Heero!" Duo interrupted the headmaster, staring at the slender figure who had stepped up next to the man. His face was every bit as perfect, and guarded, as it had ever been.

"Oh, you two know each other?" the headmaster smiled jovially. "Good. Heero, this is your new room. Well, I must get back to business matters. Good afternoon, boys."

They ignored the headmaster's departure, both too caught up in the other's eyes to notice anything else. Duo was the first to break the stare, turning with a nonchalant flip of his braid, three month's worth of frustration, two months of bitterness welling up in his suddenly too-tight throat.

"Well, come in, already," he forced himself to say, very casually.

Wordlessly Heero entered, pulling the door shut behind him. He tossed a large bag onto the bed, toeing his shoes off.

Duo threw himself on his bed, tucking his arms under his head, lying back and looking resolutely up at the ceiling. His entire body was resonating with Heero's presence, it was a wonder he hadn't thrown himself on the other pilot the minute the door closed. He dared himself to keep quiet, wondering if Heero would break the silence first, as it stretched longer between them like a fine taut wire.

"So how was Relena?" he blurted finally, unable to keep his own dare longer than ten seconds. But they were a very long ten seconds.

He continued to keep his gaze fixed on the one cracked tile of the ceiling, so he hadn't the faintest idea what Heero was doing.

"Relena?" Heero's voice was as surprised as he could sound (not much), revealing that the blonde girl was as far from his thoughts as anything could get.

Duo felt the faintest stirrings of hope, but quashed them promptly. Heero had been on Earth for two months, and only now he came. "Yeah, Relena. That's where you've been, right? How are things going between you two? I know she's always had her sights set on you. And I heard from Trowa you were headed for the Sank kingdom, so..."



"You're an idiot."

"What?" he sputtered, angry, sitting up to bristle at Heero. He stopped, mouth slackly open.

Heero had loosened the tie of his uniform, and the first few buttons were undone, revealing enough of an expanse of the sleekly muscled chest to give him a few happy ideas. Mostly things involving his mouth.

"Uhhm..." He closed his mouth and swallowed thickly.

Heero met his eyes calmly, eyes fiercely intent. Not breaking eye contact, he walked over to the door, and locked it.

Duo flushed.

"You've been on Earth for two months," he said weakly, and flushed harder, face burning fiercely with embarrassment as Heero approached. "I thought...you didn't want me. I thought it was just a fluke. And when I heard you were going to Sank kingdom..." He stopped, unable to go further.

Heero stopped by the bed, and brushed two cool fingers over Duo's mouth.

"That's why you're an idiot," he said calmly, and although his fingers were cool, his touch, and his eyes, burned into Duo.

"Oh..." Duo trailed off, and for the first time in a long time, he couldn't think of a single thing to say, as he was caught and concentrated in the crucible of Heero's cobalt-blue eyes. Then he remembered something, and grinned against Heero's fingers. "You didn't mean it when you told Quatre it would only take thirty seconds, did you?"

Heero snorted. "What do you think?"

"I wanna find out..." Duo answered plaintively, and Heero bent to take his mouth.

Heero pushed him down onto the bed and Duo scrambled over eagerly, tugging Heero on top of him. He sighed as Heero's weight settled between his legs.

"Still a virgin?" Heero mumbled against his neck.

Duo's eyes snapped open. "WHAT!?" He struggled to get up but Heero had him pinned securely to the bed, unceasing in his assault on Duo's earlobe, drawing a line from the juncture of neck and ear to the hollow of his throat. "Of course I am, you--you! Bastard! Whaddya take me for!?" he sputtered.

Heero kissed him firmly, silencing him most delightfully, as Duo responded dazedly to the tongue moving against his own.

"Still want me to... be your first?" Heero asked once he'd pulled back, mouth swollen a little from the force of the kiss, breath coming a little faster. He shifted between Duo's legs and the brown-braided pilot moaned, pulling him closer into the thrust of his pelvis.

"Just as long as we're not interrupted," Duo specified the conditions, grinning up at him, breath catching in his throat at the sight of Heero, beautiful Heero...maybe his Heero? hovering above him, poised to kiss again.

"That's why I locked the door."

"Okay..." Duo sighed as Heero's lips descended to his throat again, fingers impatiently moving over the buttons of his shirt. "But what about a mission?"

"That's why I turned off our wrist units while you weren't looking."

Duo gave him a delighted smile. "Oh, good."

Heero bent to kiss him again. "A good soldier always finishes what he started," he mumbled against Duo's lips.

When they finished, lying tangled, exhausted, and completely sated in a sweaty pile of limbs, Heero muttered something incoherent into Duo's hair.

"Hhmm?" Duo prompted sleepily.

"I said I wanted to let your hair loose."

"Next time," Duo promised, yawning. "It'll still be there."

Heero smirked down into his face. "You're awfully confident."

Duo clutched at his hair, gasping. "You wouldn't."

"No, I mean that there'll be a next time."

Duo's body suddenly went rigid underneath Heero's, and his eyes were wide and stunned, open pools of hurt. He turned his face away, towards the wall. "Oh," he uttered softly.

Heero snorted softly. "Idiot." He kissed Duo's neck, and the brown-braided pilot tried not to flinch. "Not tonight, there won't be. Maybe tomorrow."

Duo blinked.

"Heero... were you teasing me?" His voice was hoarse and taut.

Heero nuzzled closer to Duo's neck, eyes closed. His arm tightened around Duo's waist. "Hhhmmf." He mumbled something incoherent into the still-damp, salty skin.

Duo's answering grin lit up his entire face. "You're right. It wasn't thirty seconds."

After a long, long time, when his breathing was slow and steady enough that he could be certain it had fallen into the rhythms of sleep, Heero hoisted himself up on one elbow, looking down at the boy wound securely in his arms and legs. With one hand he stroked the sweaty hair away from Duo's face.

"I hope I never leave you unsatisfied... for a long, long time..."