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Welcome to Talya Firedancer's GW Fanfiction Archive.

"It was the best of times; it was the worst of times." That's how I feel about my time in the Gundam Wing fandom, as well as the reams of Gundam Wing fanfic I produced. For the first time in years, I've posted up every single GW fanfic I was able to get my hands on. It runs the gamut from bad, to good, to truly ugly. I've roughly categorized things in ways I felt were natural divisions. Browse at your own risk; Gundam Wing was my first, most utter twink fandom. I wrote some surprisingly good pieces, but then, I also wrote some utterly appalling contributions to GW fanon.

If GW is still to your taste, see the Gundam Wing Addiction archive for more. As for me, I wrote my last GW fic in 2000, and I've never looked back. 

 THE 1x2 FICS 

The Way to Silence Duo speaks, and it turns out Heero listens, after all. During the time that Heero and Duo traveled together staying in boarding schools, their partnership undergoes a significant change.  

The One I Love

The One I Love -- Part 1 [incomplete] (This fic is for 18+)

Mission Accomplished Heero does what he has to...but at what cost? Mature themes, violence, angst. (This fic is for 13+)

 THE 2x1 FICS 

Alphabet Games
Duo initiates Heero into the mystery of the alphabet. Featuring a brief, pointless appearance from Relena! Utter PWP. (This fic is for 18+)
Duo introduces Heero to the kinky Colony leather scene! ... Okay, not really. (This fic is for 18+)
To Go That Far
How far would Relena really go to get Heero? Rated R for yaoi and people's noses getting broken (but not in the same scene). Don't let the link fool you -- this is a 9-part fic just as long as its sequel. (This fic is for 18+)
If You Love Me
A multi-part fanfic that follows the events of the previous fic, and incorporates the timeline of the Endless Waltz OAVs. (This fic is for 18+)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Epilogue 1
Epilogue 2


The Sting
Duo thinks he has nothing left to lose. (This fic is 13+) 
Crossing the River
Coping with the aftermath is the hardest part. (This fic is 13+) 
A Stick That Breaks and Breaks
Bend or break? Heero faces up to what he thinks is the truth, while Duo finds his way back from the edge. (This fic is 13+) 
Even on the Coldest Nights
A moment of resolution. (This fic is 13+) 


A brilliantly off-kilter parody of the fairy-tale/movie, featuring assorted performances by the Gundam Wing cast. All in good fun!
Aladdin - Part One
Aladdin - Part Two
Aladdin - Part Three
Aladdin - Part Four

Quatre has fallen into the wrong hands, and Trowa Barton is put into a difficult position. Will he break cover and save Quatre, or carry out his mission?

Enough Time
Trowa promises Quatre that they'll have the leisure to explore their newly-revealed feelings, but a mission places Trowa in jeopardy, forcing Quatre to make a difficult choice. (It's fairly obvious that, at the time I wrote this, I hadn't seen much of the series.)

White Noise
This is like an alternate-universe GW-boys mission...all five pilots in one place, natch. When Quatre is incapacitated while obtaining vital data, Trowa feels the need to pick up the gauntlet. And it has a cheesy, picturesque ending! (Ditto to the note above.)

Heero holds vigil, reflecting on the promises Duo never made him. From the beginning, the Gundam pilots knew that they rode with death crouched waiting on their shoulders. (Apologia: I had seen a grand total of four episodes and read a great deal of fanfiction upon writing this.)  

Moving within the framework of the series, "Loss" explores some difficult themes during a time of war. A little awkwardly-handled and inconclusive, but not bad.

(This fic is for 18+)
Wrong Turns
Irrespective of Love
The Failure of War
The Price to Pay
Treize Khushrenada's admiration of Chang Wufei goes far beyond that of a soldier for his opponent's fighting skills. Wufei comes back to avenge his honor, and to the victor goes the spoils. Yet there is far more at stake.
Written for Kuwabara no Miko for her birthday, 07-26-99
Part One
Part Two
Part Three


The Crossover Fics
Begun with "Wild Card," which inexplicably won the "Best Crossover" award in Aestheticism's fanfiction contest in 1998, this trio of fics featured a never-elaborated upon crossover between Gundam Wing and Yu Yu Hakusho. Very existential, that. It has hugely distorted characterization and the presence of a suspiciously Mary Sue original character from "Blood Call," but they're moderately amusing nonetheless! Total self-indulgent parody.
Wild Card
For some reason, Duo and Heero of Gundam Wing are sharing drinks and more with Hiei and Kurama and their white-haired youkai charge Ariodh. This is never explained. Ariodh provokes Heero into an unexpected admission. A great deal less humorous than the following stories! 
More Than Two Shots
After the glow of booze has faded, Heero and Duo obviously need more to stay together! The rest of the Gundam Wing pilots put in an appearance at Kurama's flat. Drunken games ensue, most notably Mad Libs. 
A Day on the Beach
The Gundam Wing boys take to the beach with Kurama's household. Strange beach hijinks ensue, Relena puts in a very unexpected appearance, and the fic culminates in a volleyball match...with the stakes of skinny-dipping for the losers! 
When all other attempts at catching a man's attention have failed, slip him some Spanish Fly. This could have just as easily been titled 'Duo's Sex Mission.' A cracked-out, comedic smut-fest. You'd think I was on something at the time, but oh no. (This fic is for 18+)

Relena Finds Out: A Parody
After "To Go That Far," an unbelievable amount of "Relena finds out" fics exploded throughout the fandom. This little parody was my response, loosely woven within events around episode thirty - forty or so.


Duo's First Kiss
The Gundam Pilots choose an unusual method of combat to vie for who gets to claim Duo's first kiss. This, too, falls under the category of canonically-impossible humorous fanfic, but it carved out its own niche in terms of popularity. I get complimentary e-mails to this day. I don't know how I should feel about that...*snicker
Oh, Wilt Thou Leave Me So Unsatisfied?
Once again featuring the inexplicable appearance of all five Gundam pilots! Duo pines for Heero in between missions, after an interruption during an intimate moment. (I'm so ashamed...)  
For How Long
Duo needs to know Heero's level of involvement, but Heero isn't forthcoming by nature.
This turned the trilogy in an unexpectly serious direction, and yet it's a direct sequel to "Wilt Thou?" Hunh. Some days I just don't know what I was thinking.  


That's right...the songfic trilogy. Just...don't ask.
Bullet with Butterfly Wings
Duo wants something Heero just isn't capable of providing.  
To the Moon and Back
Relena places expectations on Heero, and flies out to space to be with him.  
Paper Dress
Pushing it to the limit, Heero reflects on his losses.  
Fix me Now
I hadn't intended to write this one, but did anyhow. Heero attempts to right his wrongs, and salvage a measure of happiness.  


That Same Old Song
Sex in zero-G, horribly punny references, moves completely independent of the series...We do not speak of this fic. Yep, it has all the earmarks of "very first posted yaoi fanfic." (This fic is 18+) 
Trowa and Quatre go out on a date. Then, they go to a hotel and have sex! This is written in the style I refer to as "early twink fangirl." It's hilariously bad. (This fic is 18+) 
One Helluva Wet Dream
Wufei is incredibly turned on by Duo, and doesn't quite know what to do about it. His dreams provide him with more than the release he needed. (This fic is 18+) 
Wufei is the odd man out, and ponders his fruitless desire for Duo and Heero. What he doesn't expect is for Heero to do something about it. (This fic is 18+) 
The Better Part of Valor
Wufei falls further under the spell woven by Heero and Duo, and questions his own values. Also, there's mind-blowing sex! (This fic is 18+) 
Heero and Duo are blown off course, failing to anticipate all factors that might conspire to drift their trajectory. What better way to while away the hours than...with sex? (This fic is 18+)