As You Like It

by Talya Firedancer

There was nothing quite like trudging home after two days and nights of continuous duty, kicking off boots just inside the threshold, and dragging her tired carcass up the stairs to find a bedful of curvaceous blonde.

Riza Hawkeye paused to admire the sight of Winry, stretched out and sleeping soundly beneath the crisp white sheets pulled up to almost cover her golden head, before stripping her clothes off and hanging them neatly in the closet. She tried to rub the tired from her eyes but knew the only thing she was particularly good for at this flavor of a.m. was crawling in beside Winry and sleeping.

That didn't stop her from coaxing the urge as she peeled the sheet back and ran a hand the length of beautiful girl from ankle to breast.

"Wauk!" Winry expostulated, waking up wide and coming up swinging.

She and Riza went down in a tangle of limbs and golden hair everywhere and one particularly incongruous wrench. "OW!"

"Riza! OhmygodI'mSORRY!"

“Remind me,” Hawkeye said, “never to wake you again with a surprise.” She rubbed at her head with a wry look, fingers exploring the patch of skin that was showing the promise of a lovely bruising.

“I’m sorry,” Winry repeated, wringing her hands. “I’m sorry, you know I sleep with a wrench under my pillow!” She hovered near, examining the already-livid coloration with an anxious expression.

“Oh, I knew, all right,” said Hawkeye, settling fully on the bed beside Winry and tucking her long bare legs beneath her. “I simply didn’t think that the same rule applied when it was my house and I’d come home to find you in my previously wrench-free bed."

"...Sorry?" Winry tried again, ducking her head with a sheepish expression.

"Apology accepted," Hawkeye replied. She tumbled onto her back and a small sigh escaped her. "As long as you kiss it better."

Winry's sudden blooming smile went a long way toward healing. The kiss she pressed below Riza's collarbone simply continued the process.

"And here," Riza murmured, pointing lower.

Winry gave her a wry look, putting her on notice that she wasn't fooling anyone. She applied her mouth, flicking a hint of tongue and gentle suction.

"Mmm," Riza approved, and trailed her finger lower.

"I know I didn't hit you here," Winry said, voice gone husky.

"No, but you can kiss that better too."

Winry looked up at her, dimpled, and obeyed.