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Welcome to Firedancer's Miscellaneous Fanfiction Archive.

This is where I stick everything that doesn't have its own page, fanfiction from various anime series, from movies and books, etc. This is the jumble of miscellany, or a fandom that I didn't have enough time or enthusiasm to really get into and churn out more than one or two fics or so.

This page is organized alphabetically by series. Don't forget to e-mail me at bounddreamer at gmail if you like what you read!


Beginner's Luck
A short Bleach ficlet for drabble requests on my friends-list. Ishida teaches Ichigo something, and soon regrets it.


Gonna Catch You
My first and finally finished CCS fic! Featuring Touya and Yukito, a love letter, some misperceptions, and a beautiful, angsting Yue. "Someone" is taking pro-active measures to ensure Yue's happiness...
Built for Two
Touya and Yukito go to a hot springs for Shougatsu, and Touya gets alone-time with both the loves of his life.
Written as a Christmas giftfic Dec. 3rd 2003.

by Yuri, the Seventh Demoness. An amazing Touya/Yukito/Yue fic with some surprising twists... Touya must suffer the Judgment of the Moon-Guardian. Lemon warning. Epilogue is cute, WAFFy, and has yet MORE lemony joy. (This fic is for 18+)
Moondark -- Epilogue
(This fic is for 18+)

 The Dark is Rising 

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry
A reflective Christmas morning for Will. Based on the set of books by the talented Susan Cooper; Will/Barney.
Written for Kristi, Christmas giftfic Dec. 17th 2002.
Fundamentally Happy
The nature of happiness can be so simple. Bran/Barney. Written for Ashura as part of LJ-drabble challenges.
A Home for the Holidays
Bran and Will get ready to go home for Christmas.
Written for Ashura Nagisa, Christmas giftfic Dec. 2nd 2003.


What I Hate About You by Meghan Kelly
Dark and Krad have an...intimate...discussion about their Tamers, which devolves into so many interesting things. (This fic is for 18+)
Giftfic from Meg, July 27th 2003.

 David Eddings post-Tamuli 

To Catch a Thief
In post-Tamuli continuity, Talen keeps his hand in and gets himself caught by the handsome Pandion Evrien. Unbeknownst to them, Divine Aphrael has her meddling hand in, as well.  
Knightly Conquest
Evrien fancies a quick, hard encounter in the stone keep of the Pandions.  
Riding Lessons
Talen behaves stupidly on horseback, forcing Evrien to apply certain measures. Divine Aphrael is no longer amused.  
Tumble in the Hay with contributions from Tzigane
Divine Aphrael takes an active role to intervene in the growing bond between Talen and Evrien. Sparhawk is Not Amused, and takes steps.  

 Fruits Basket 

A quiet Christmas at Sohma Shigure's. Shigure/Kyo. Written for BrightAngel, Christmas giftfic Dec. 8th, 2002. (This fic is 13+)
Hatori is ready to take a lover again. Shigure's been waiting.
Written for Yo-chan, Christmas giftfic Dec. 4th 2003.

 Fullmetal Alchemist 

As You Like It
Another friends-list drabble challenge fic: who knew Winry took her wrenches to bed?
Many Happy Returns
It's manic, marginally explicable in canon, and entirely without excuse...otherwise known as, girl!Ed fic! Right, so Ed gets turned into a girl and has to deal with the consequences, including rampant hormones. Written for WhiteCat, 17/05/04 in exchange for multiple gift fics. (This fic is 13+)
Friends-list drabble challenge; short (NOT A BEAN), sweet, and Havoc/Ed implied.


What if Amiboshi had made a different choice on the riverbank? An alternate-universe Fushigi Yuugi fanfic, c. 1998.
Seiryuu Consequences - Being Seiryuu by Talya Firedancer and Nellie Chiang
After Amiboshi and Suboshi are united, a chain of retaliatory events is unleashed by the Seiryuu shichiseishi.
Seiryuu Consequences - Illusion of Identityby Talya Firedancer and Nellie Chiang
Conclusion to the alternate-universe "what if?" begun in "Departures."


On Those Rainy Nights
Gojyou invites Sanzou and Gokuu over for a night of mah-jong, beer, and male bonding. This is character-focused, mild spoilers for the anime/manga, and takes place about two and a half years before the series starts. (This fic is for 13+)
- Some revealing moments between Gojyou and Hakkai, on another rainy night. Birthday fic for BrightAngel. 09/09/02. (This fic is for 13+)


Crawl into the headspace of a killer. Akabane, for the friends-list drabble challenge.


Wingardium Leviosa
Track 15. Tatsuha risks death (and his older brother) to meet his idol; in the meantime, Yuki questions Shuuichi's taste in reading material and sparks a conflict.
Track 16. Shuuichi deals with the fallout of Yuki's announcement that he's going to quit writing. Meanwhile, Yuki considers his options. Woefully short compared to the other two.
My Suite-Valentine
Track 17. Shuuichi tries to cook up something special and fails; the release date of Yuki's new novel is announced and the revelation of its subject causes tension between he and Shuuichi.
My entry to my own "Shot in the Head" fanfiction contest, where implied sex ensues and someone gets...well, shot in the head! Warning, boylove and cartoon violence. (This fic is for 13+)
Silent Melody
A drabble-short take on Tatsuha and Ryuuchi's relationship.


Draco sorts through his belongings and his issues, after the war. No substantial spoilers. Written for Ashura Nagisa on a whim.
O Christmas Tree
Slytherin fluff. Written for Sabina, Christmas giftfic Dec. 15th, 2002.
The House That Black Built
A Sirius and Harry vignette that takes place an unspecified time after "The Order of the Phoenix." No substantive spoilers.
Fear Within
Drabble for the LJ friends-list, Neville-centric. Neville dwells on the things that must be earned.
Meet by Adonis
Marauders, close to their final year of school. This was written post-Order, pre-HBP.

 Hunter x Hunter 

Belling the Cat
After rescuing his friend from the Zaoldyeck estate, Gon and Killua have a discussion about certain things. One-shot, humor, fluff. (This fic is for 10+ due to sexually suggestive themes between minors.)  
No particular continuity; Leorio tries to convince Kurapika to be more liberal in exploring those things he's due.  
Just a Little Longer
There's someone close to his heart again, and Leorio doesn't want to let go.
Written for Mina Lightstar, Christmas giftfic Dec. 30th 2003.
Shooting the Moon
In the afternoon after the York City arc, Kurapika spends time with his friends. He finally admits something to himself, and Leorio. Leorio lets him know in no uncertain terms that this time, he will not be left behind.


Wataru seeks out the Akagi Redsuns for a challenge, and is turned away. Ryousuke doesn't let him leave the mountain empty-handed. Written for Kristi in exchange for sending me all of her Ini-D fansubs.(This fic is for 18+)


Truth at the Bottom of a Sake Cup
Don't leave Enjoji Kei home with the sake and his sexy younger brother. Incest warning. (This fic is for 18+)


Yes, I've snapped; I am writing "Lord of the Rings" fanfiction. For the curious, I write fanfiction based on the movie canon, not the book canon (totally different) and use bits from the book to support gaps in movie canon.

The Lost, but Now Found, Annals of a Wandering Uruk-Hai - Parody. Read at your own risk. (This fic is for 13+)
Frost, Fire, and Frond
How to summarize a love that spans a lifetime? Aragorn/Legolas. (This fic is for 18+)
Valentine's Day present for becki, 2/21/03. (Yeah, so it's a week late.)

 OCEAN'S 11 

Written for Koanju, my gracious host and friend. She challenged someone to write a fic with realistic morning sex; I asked her to name the fandom and pairing. Smutty, short fic. (This fic is for 18+)


Happy Birthday Christmas
Reiji joins Naoya for a special occasion.


Hiromasa calls Seimei's attention to the stars' alignment. Short story written for the friends-list.


Size Matters
After the events in Little Garden, Sanji and Zoro return to the dispute they began at the beginning of the arc. Nami decides to cut to the heart of the argument, with Vivi's help. (This fic is gen.)

 Pirates of the Caribbean 

Dress Code Optional
Will's been marooned, but fortunately a familiar face drops by to pick him up. Captain Jack wants to give him....his hat?
Written for Katsu, Christmas giftfic Dec. 31st 2003.

 Pet Shop of Horrors 

Leon turns to D to solve another unusual case. Contains PSoH fanfic cliches and a gratuitous shout-out from another fandom.
Written for Utopian Trunks, Christmas giftfic Dec. 5th 2003.

 Sorcerous Stabber Orphen 

Night Lessons by Kuwabara no Miko
Orphen becomes Majik's pupil in a more significant fashion. (This fic is for 18+)
Giftfic from KnM, July 27th 2000.


Like the white ball rolling, like the itch that gets under your skin, like something put together with your own two hands. Dean discovers another side to his sexuality as winter break begins. Pic of young Dean; pic of Josh Staten. (This fic is for 18+)
Giftfic for KnM, January 2008.
Tell it Bang
A lone night at the pool hall does not end well for Dean. (This fic is for 18+)
Warning for non-con and a breath of Wincest.

 Wolf and Man 

Silver Wounds
Lucius hates to give in. Something in Peter makes him yield.
Written for Pluto, Christmas giftfic Dec. 8th 2003.


{ prologue } { one } { two } { three } { four } { five } { six } { seven } { eight } { nine } { ten } { eleven} { twelve } { thirteen } { fourteen } { fifteen } { sixteen } { seventeen } { eighteen } { nineteen } { twenty } { twenty-one } { twenty-two } { twenty-three } { twenty-four } { twenty-five } { twenty-six } { twenty-seven } { twenty-eight } { twenty-nine } { thirty } { thirty-one } { thirty-two } { thirty-three } { thirty-four } { epilogue }
Scott died at Alkali Lake under the Phoenix's kiss... but someone touched by the Phoenix doesn't necessarily stay dead. Logan takes up the gauntlet and both men get a lot more than they bargained for, because some things stay the same, but most everything about life in the mansion has changed. (This fic has adult themes throughout and a couple of adult scenes; proceed accordingly.)
Giftfic for KnM, February 2007/2008.


Muraki is insane, but Oriya has always been drawn to him, like watching the camellia blossom hanging on the branch.
Written for Rose Argent, Christmas giftfic Dec. 18th 2003.
Sunday-Morning Quest
My very first Yami no Matsuei fic, written as a gift-fic for WhiteCat for Christmas 2001. Light shounen-ai (blink and you miss it). Tsuzuki takes Hisoka on a Sunday-morning quest. ^_^


Kono Fushigi Miryoku
THE first yaoi Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction on the 'Net. ^_^ This is somewhat strange, and based off of my (somewhat imperfect) understanding of the manga. The first few sections of the fic are based off *very* shaky translations. (This fic is for 18+)


Umi and Hikaru's NEWLYWEDS Game
The very first Newlyweds game, I do believe! Written in '97, it was... Kinda rough, but hey, it was the first of a genre.
Botan and Koenma's CLAMP Newlyweds Game
My second travesty. ^____^ Touma makes a guest appearance.