Lost and Found

by Talya Firedancer

There was another heartbeat next to his, and warmth enclosing him until he thought the bubble of joy might pop and leave him tumbling in space, alone in a bed far away from any notion of home or the thrill of recognition he'd kenned before facing his mirror image in the flesh. Kino, formerly of little consequence, now adopted by Morgans, lazed late abed and luxuriated in the kin-sense of the arms wrapped closely around him.

The mattress stirred and Kino ignored it, content so long as the arms folded tight over his midsection remained where they were.

"Mmm," Kyo purred against his neck, rubbing against him in a fashion most undulating.

"Don't get up on my account," the rumbling, mellow voice of Youko Valteria filled the room. He left behind a trace of laughter as he shut the door.

Kino snuggled deeper into his twin's embrace, thought about waking wide enough for more than a cuddle, then Kyo was humming, the melody reaching back to the roots of childhood. In the wake of the sound with his brother's arms around him he could picture a third figure, a tall slender woman with golden-red hair, stroking their hair as she sang them to sleep.

He slept again, basking in the glow of being cherished.

Time passed as only in dreams, butterfly wings sweeping their slow dance through the golden weave of morning cast over the twins sleeping soundly and entwined. Kino woke with a start, shaking free of the spell that the melody had created while they slept. Kyo's arm tightened on him. His twin no longer hummed it, but it was still loud and clear between them.

"Wake up, sleepy," Kino murmured, angling to nuzzle at Kyo's neck. "I smell breakfast."

Amber eyes unveiled, and Kino was looking into his mirror again. Kyo gave him a languorous smile.

"G'morning," Kyo said, delight crinkling the corners of his eyes.

Kino was flush with happiness. The sense of discovery hadn't worn off. He could spend the rest of the day plastered to Kyo's side and it wouldn't be enough. "Good morning, yourself," he said with a grin.

"Missed you," Kyo sighed, as he had every morning for the past few days.

"I'm here," Kino responded, lifting one hand to sweep the spill of Kyo's crimson hair back from his face.

"I mean–"

"I know."

They hugged each other tightly.

"I'm so glad," Kino gave voice to it. "I thought you were lost for good."

Kyo's nose nudged at him, then he was burying his face in Kino's neck, a hand clinging fast to the base of his neck. "Now we're found." His voice was muffled, languid with the remnant of sleep or perhaps the beginnings of sensuality.

Kino giggled as Kyo's breath tickled his neck. He squirmed, extracting himself from Kyo's loosening grip, and assumed a cross-legged position in the nest of sheets they had formed. "Come on, slept enough, haven't we?"

"Yeah." Kyo slipped a hand into his as they left the bed behind. "Let's see what the rest of the day has for us, huh?"

Kino flashed him a smile just this side short of shy. "And each one after."