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Original fiction happiness. This started as the second round of the "Key" stories, and for me, developed into much more! What happens when a guy who's foxy in more than one sense of the word falls for a boy who's all too familiar with sex, but has never been loved? Complicating matters are a pretty red-headed half-breed, a libidinous twin brother, and a pissed off dumbass who's a poor loser at cards. Put them all together in a really expensive brothel and let the fun (and the angst) begin! (This story is 18+)
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7 [end]


Back by popular demand! The sequel series, just finished. Chance and Kyo endure changes and resolution, and the coming storm is swept into Val and Ria's family, along with surprising additions. (This story is 13+)
Chapter 1 - A Kind of Homecoming
Chapter 2 - Joining the Bonded
Chapter 3 - Torrent on the Horizon
Chapter 4 - Reunions
Chapter 5 - Waypost
Chapter 6 - Kyoudai
Chapter 7 - Endgame Alignment
Chapter 8 - The Conflagration
Chapter 9 - The Reaping Changes [end]

On the Other Continent, also known as Ussay, before the events that take place in the Willow Key and the Morgan Vale, a young boy is sold by his uncle to a mysterious passing stranger. The journey he embarks on takes him far beyond the lands he's known and tests his limits in ways he could never have imagined. Is he of youko blood? If so, why will no one explain the Bond?
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight

Side stories in the Youko-verse.

The Fox and the Fence

The infamous meeting of Tsuyoshi and the traveling swordsman, Ahrin Morgan.
Going to Ground

The sequel story, in which Tsuyoshi and Ahrin get piled higher and deeper.
Planting Seeds

When the time comes, they always told Ahrin Morgan, he would know.
In the Grey Light

Side story to "The Morgan Vale" written for Youko Triumph's birthday. 09/02/02.
Of Beginnings

Side story to "The Morgan Vale" written for the Christmas Fic List, Bill Radish and Totchi Neko. 12/26/03.
Lost and Found

Twins, reunited. Kyo and Kino share a moment together once Kino is retrieved to Morgan Vale.
Sibling Memory

Kelarion, his brother Vivo, and a moment of fluff. Twins are twice the trouble. Written for Totchi-neko, Christmas 12/29/03.

A Rose Blooms True
by Sage Willow - A lovely story with original characters inspired by my original youko-universe fiction. The Filier family has always been unusual, and their magic quite unique...and youko Sevarien is drawn to one of their number.


"After the Rising" takes place in the Reaver-verse, a post-apocalyptic tale drawing from fantasy, science fiction, and mythical influences. For more information, you can go visit the community. Most stories, as well as the original story "Like Father Like Son" are only available on the community. I'm posting "After the Rising" because it's something I've enjoyed building and sharing with my readers.


Where it all begins. The Vaille brothers are unique amongst their peers. Eldest brother Gabriel works for Orion, and receives a mysterious tome; sexy middle brother Roman works his talents as a model; and youngest brother Cedric is growing up and growing into his abilities.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

The extent of Orion's influence closes around the Vaille brothers in response to a crisis. All three brothers find themselves drawn deeper into the secrets of the demon race than they ever dreamed possible.
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five

After Orion's contractors return from Long Island, the Vaille brothers attempt to assimilate back into a normal life, but the demons have other plans. Gabriel, Roman, and Cedric discover the nature of their stakes in the conflict, and the mystery surrounding Orion - and the demon tome - deepens.
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five

The city has been purged of all perceived threats and the Vailles return to their home and normal lives, but the threat of Granac Bowen still lurks behind the scenes. As Orion struggles to discover the plans of the new Lord of Long Island, the brief calm between battles provides respite...but can't last forever, as the Vaille brothers face other challenges. When it comes, the dagger will strike from a place most unexpected.
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight

The Cal and Rue stories take place in the Reaververse also. They are stories involving dubious consent and a difficult partnership, but the story arcs have some good ups and downs. The story arc is incomplete thus far, but I've written or co-written two out of nine stories in the arc. Check out the Cal and Rue stories on their page here.

 Original Fiction 

Snow Cherry
- Original fiction featuring Tony and Aki, a pair of guys I almost wrote for the 2002 NaNoWriMo. This was written for Pluto's Snowsex Challenge. Which explains, uh, the sex in the snow. (This story is 18+)
- Side story with Gavin and Reed, characters from my 2004 NaNoWriMo. Short and probably won't make much sense if you haven't read Casting the Bones. Because I'm going to revise to attempt publication, Casting the Bones is not published anywhere; it went to a mailing list of readers in 2004.
Before the Flight
- Side story with Eric and Tsubaki, characters from my 2004 NaNoWriMo. Like the previous story, probably won't make much sense if you haven't read Casting the Bones.
Sins of the Flesh
- By request of Talonsage, a companion story to a doll photo story I scripted and shot entitled "Sins of the Flesh."

 The Kiryuu Family 

The Kiryuu boys at home. Original fiction, Touma/Tsumaru (which means heavily implied incest). (This story is 13+)
Written for becki, Christmas giftfic, Dec. 20th, 2002.