Planting Seeds

by Talya Firedancer

"I want kits," Tsuyoshi Morgan announced, leaning forward until his knee pressed against his mate's and his long, black hair swung from his finely-featured face to drape over the arm of the man beside him.

Tall, handsomely blond Ahrin Morgan widened his eyes at the youko who had set down his tankard to grip his nearest hand for emphasis. "Not...not right now, I hope!"

"Go for it, Ahrin!" cheered a nearby patron, darkly-tanned with the pointed ears of a half-youko.

"Yeah, plant your first right on the bar!" another further down, a creamy-skinned youko female with masses of chestnut hair, cheered them on.

"Not in my bar, you won't," growled the bartender, setting fresh tankards in front of the two of them. He was human, older and grizzled but tolerant - for the most part. "You remove anything, you're out the door."

Tsuyoshi bared his teeth in a look someone else might mistake for a grin, his golden-eyes lidded to smoldering.

Ahrin hastily tried to extricate his hand, recognizing the look before the pounce.

"Babies," Tsuyoshi said, softly but insistently. "I want them now. We're ready."

Now Ahrin understood the warnings he'd received from more than one hapless human half of a Bonded partnership. "When they're ready, it'll hit them all of a sudden - and believe me, he'll let you KNOW when it's time." He tried for delicacy. "We should go home, love, we've probably both had a bit too much to drink."

Tsuyoshi's coin-gold eyes flashed. "You think I'm being unreasonable now?"

Nails dug into his hand and Ahrin winced. "Well, the top of the bar probably isn't the best place to bring about new life."

In a trice Tsuyoshi was off his own bar-stool, twining over Ahrin's broad shoulders and purring in his ear, "Then obviously it's time to go someplace else." The tip of a tongue just barely flicked the lobe of Ahrin's ear, then Tsuyoshi nudged at his neck.

Ahrin groaned quietly. Were he standing, his knees would have grown weak.

The female youko nearby advised, "I'd go, were I you."

"Yes...going," Ahrin said, pushing aside the fresh tankards the barkeep had deposited at their places and dropping enough money to cover that and a generous tip. He was only half aware of all that as Tsuyoshi blew in his ear and tugged, toppling him off the barstool though he wasn't nearly so drunk as to truly collapse.

A cheer went up from the assembled patronage as the Morgans kicked open the door and went out into the fragrant night, already groping in advance promise of the bed.