Anfang Akugi! Chapter Three...

by Talya Firedancer

~ Sono Ichi! ~

Schuldich smiled, fingers tightening on iron, rust flaking under his clenched fists.

Then the Abyssinian was gliding up the alley, shadows letting go with reluctance once more, his thought bristling with anger and possession.  *How DARE he, how DARE--*  The distinction between Jack and Kudou in his thoughts was unclear.  He wouldn’t need a shove, now, to fall into the line of Schuldich’s plans.

Instead, he forced his mouth open and spat, ““What the hell happened in there?”

Schuldich smirked from above.  Assassins they prided themselves on being, still they didn’t.  Look.  Up.  So he was privy to their little domestic dispute.

Fujimiya looked up.

His violet eyes widened.  Then they narrowed.  Schuldich started to back up, a floor away as he was.  He held up his hands.  "Eheh."


A katana was flying towards him, whipping end over gleaming end.  Schuldich had a moment to spare where he wondered how - and from where - the scowling Weiss redhead had managed to produce *that.*  He wasn't even wearing a trench coat, like the magically-appearing swords on "Highlander."

Then he was plastered against the wall, glancing to the right at the blade embedded in the brick, inches from his ear.

"HIKARU!" Fujimiya yelled.  "HOW many times do I have to tell you!?  Don't intrude on my private-time with Shin'ichirou-kun!!"

Kudou held up his hands.  "Hey...I don't want to know."  He tried to slink away.

Fujimiya grabbed him.  "You're not going anywhere."


Schuldich fumed.

~ Sono Ni!~

Fujimiya stormed into the room, clad in nothing more intimidating than the bottom half of a pair of print pajamas. His eyes widened.  “Schwarz.  What the hell are you doing here!?”

“I’m so happy you remember me,” Schuldich drawled.  “Did you miss us, Fujimiya-kun?”

“Get out.”

“You’re not going to play the host for me?” Schuldich grinned, keeping the couch between them.  “How rude, and I came here just for you.”

“What do you mean?”  Fujimiya went on the defensive.  “You, Schwarz, if you’re here for my sister again...”

“Please,” Schuldich flipped a hand airily.  “That’s over and done with.  And now...”

“If you’re not here as Schwarz, I don’t care what you want. Get out.”  Aya made a curt gesture, blocking the hallway, presumably to protect the girl who lay beyond.

“Catch the clue train, I’m not here for your sister, Fujimiya.  I’m here for you,” Schuldich repeated.  He hated repeating himself; if he was in the presence of such a halfwit that needed things said twice to percolate, he was in the wrong company.

"Honto ni!?  You said it twice!! You must MEAN it!"  Fujimiya flung himself in Schuldich's direction.  "Hikaruuuu~!  DAI SUKI~!!"  He barreled over the couch, arms outstretched, shimmering with waves of love.  Or something.

"ACK! NO!"  Schuldich backpedaled hastily, tripping over a throw rug in the process.  He could've sworn the place was completely uncarpeted.  "Please, Koyasu-san, no!"  He clapped his hands over his mouth again - where was this drivel coming from!? - and promptly fell to the floor.

"HikaRUUU~!"  Fujimiya followed, red ear-tails swinging, and latched himself onto Schuldich, taking liberal fingerholds on his Armani.  "Ai shitei-RU~!"

"No! Don't!"  Schuldich was approaching desperation.  How to dislodge such a pest?  Wait...another pest!

Would it be worth owing Touma a favor?

"Koyasu-san, I DON'T like men that way!"

"But you like ME *this* way, right?"

"*No!*  NO!  Don't go THERE!

~ Sono San! ~

“So, how did it go?” Ken inquired in sugary tones as the shop door jangled and Yohji pushed his way back inside.

Yohji reddened.

Reason enough, in Aya’s estimation, to kill him.  He found himself striding forward.

“It’s not—” Yohji was saying, when Aya seized him.

He stopped that voice with his lips and wound an arm around the lean body, trapping it against him.  Yohji made a noise of protest, maybe shock, and Aya took advantage of his startlement to force his tongue into the hot mouth, taking him in a deep kiss.  Yohji’s tongue thrashed against his, briefly, then arms were winding around his neck.

The kiss went on, and on, and on.

“OH MY GOD!” Ken spazzed.  "I KNEW IT!  I *knew* Yohji's gay!"  He blinked.  "Didn't know about Ran, though."

Yohji pried his lips apart to take heaving gasps of air.

"Baka," Aya told Ken.  Then he glued his lips to Yohji's again.  Yohji appeared to be cooperating rather enthusiastically; indeed, had wrapped one leg around Aya.

"HEY!" Ken spazzed after a long moment of voyeurism.  "Everyone can see, you know!"  Indeed, the shutters were still open.

Aya and Yohji ignored him, wrapped up in their clinch.  Aya began to grope Yohji's backside.

"Actually, this could be good for business..."  Ken ran off rubbing his hands.  He HAD to make a sign.  And if he remembered rightly, Omi had left some paint and posterboard in back.