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Welcome to Firedancer's Weiß Kreuz Fanfiction Archive.

Once upon a time, I wrote fanfiction under the name "Alyssa Tay Tanoko." Fics are organized in various categories...Don't forget to e-mail me at bounddreamer at gmail if you like what you read!


A giftfic for Elysaar, Christmas 2001. Aya and Yohji spend a day at Funco-land. Sap, shounen-ai.
Jounetsu no Maebure
A little Yohji and Omi fic. Not entirely satisfied with the ending, but it's not bad. (This fic is for 13+)
Chance Encounter
A Yohji/Soujirou fic, and becki's Valentine's Day present for 2/00. (This fic is for 18+)
Posted on KnM's "Yohji Torture-Page," this is a sequel to her Blindness. (These fics are for 18+)
To Bury the Hurt of Memory
A dark, serious Aya/Yohji fic. Yohji gets into an accident and suffers traumatic amnesia. (This fic is for 18+)
If there was an award for "Making the Most Fangirls Cry," this fic would win it. Virtually everyone who has sent feedback on this story informs me that it made them cry, even on the re-read.
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by Kuwabara no Miko
A gift to me from the talented Kuwabara no Miko for my 25th birthday, July 27th 2003. Yuki Eiri is drawn into a dangerous situation by a case of mistaken identity. One mistake leads to another, until Yuki finds himself pursuing the mysterious group Weiß in his attempts to get his lover back. At the same time, Fujimiya Aya discovers that his relationship with a teammate is changing almost against his will.
(This fic is for 10-13+ except for the last part, which is 18+)
Midnight Oil
Short drabble-fic written for my friends-list drabble invitation post.
Nepenthe by BrightAngel and Talya Firedancer
A mission for Weiß on October 31st turns unexpectedly creepy. 10-31-03 (This fic is gen.)


A Ride on the Subway
A completely unredemptive piece of smut - this is the kind of piece the PWP genre was based on. Yohji is forced to take public transport, and falls prey to a handsome pair of subway chikan.
This was inspired by a Toriko doujinshi I found at Pure Yaoi, with a couple of added variations. (This fic is for 18+)
The Subway Revisited
The mysterious sararimen make a re-appearance...taking Yohji to new levels of kink.
(This fic is for 18+) for graphic sexual content, and BDSM. Read at your own risk.
Riding Beyond the Subway
Shiro happens upon the Koneko no Sumu Ie, and plucks an enticing bouquet to take home. Omi wants Ken, who is oblivious. Ken doesn't know what he wants. Yohji might be harboring desires even he doesn't realize he has... The anonymous salarymen usher him into the BDSM scene once more, unleashing the hidden passions of all the Wieß kittens.
(This fic is for 18+) for graphic sexual content, and BDSM. Read at your own risk.


Der Anfang und das Ende
by Alyssa Tay Tanoko

It's been almost a year since the end of the WK series. Trouble is gathering again, as well as a certain red-headed demon on the horizon. Aya is forced to deal with his attraction to Yohji. Schuldich reappears to take advantage. And a completely gratuitous crossover shows up. (This fic is for 13+)
Chapter 1 -- Maebure - Aya o Yumemiru
Chapter 2 -- Mou Hitori no Kao
Chapter 3 -- 'Goodbye Cruel World'
Chapter 4 -- 'House of Love'
Chapter 5 -- Time for You, Time for Me (This part is for 18+)
Chapter 6 -- Staring At the Sun (This part is for 18+)
Chapter 7 -- Kono Koe, Kono Kao, Kono Omoi
Chapter 8 -- Subsisting on a Melody
Chapter 9 -- Beautiful Inchoate
Chapter 10 -- 'Tokyo Sling'
Chapter 11 -- A Hundred Indecisions

*OMAKE - "Anfang" Akugi! *OMAKE!*

I make no excuses or apologies. It just IS.
Omake Chapter 1
Omake Chapter 2
Omake Chapter 3
Omake Chapter 4
Omake Chapter 5
Omake Chapter 6


Alter Egos
A sweet Omi/Nagi fic with a healthy helping of angst. ^_^ (This fic is for 18+)
Dragon Tears
My Schuldich/Yohji fic. Yohji is forced to confront several things about himself that he must come to terms with. (This fic is for 18+)

Pet Project
Kiryuu Touma forces himself into the World of Weiss based on his sheer (seiyuu-based) attraction to Crawford. ^_^ (This fic is for 18+) (Shotakon warning.)
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Schuldich, Crawford, and gay Paris. (This fic is for 18+)
Christmas giftfic, 12-21-02, for Elysaar.


Aya Tells Omi About the Bees and the Bees
A light humorous fic, with a nice smutty ending. ^_- This was uncomplicated pure fun to write, and has had only light proofreading. It's the sequel to "Why Kids Shouldn't Talk to Grown-Ups About Sex," by Utopian Trunks - link at bottom of this page, and the fic itself. (This fic is for 18+)
May the Schwartz Be With You!
A parody take on Schwarz' possible actions after recovering from their dunk in the ocean; post-series and postulating continuing Weiss missions. Recommended but not required: Watching "Spaceballs" the movie prior to reading, and having imbibed a lot of caffeine or alcohol or MSG, or various combinations of all three. ^_-
A Fine Day For a Group Outing
Co-written with Kuwabara no Miko. One by one, the Weiss boys have out with it. (This fic is for 13+)
Time for Cake and Sodomy
(This fic is for 13+) *niko* You people should know me by now...
Charming the Prince -- Chapter 1
Charming the Prince -- Chapter 2


Not much here now, but soon to feature more wonderful yummy Weiss fics by my author-friends and mine koi!
Belsunce Breakdown
by Utopian Trunks. A delicious New Year's-inspired fic by one of my favorite WK authors. *beam* The Weiss boys drag an unwilling Aya to a party; throw in a leather-clad Yohji, some amazing music, and a couple bottles of Johnny Walker Black Label, and you have.... *smirk* Read and see!
:Pairings: Aya/Yohji, Ken/Omi, and a couple of surprises. ^_~ (This fic is for 18+)
Why Kids Shouldn't Talk to Grown-ups About Sex
by Utopian Trunks. A light, humorous fic with a deliciously smutty ending. ^_- (This fic is for 18+)
Date-o! Date-o!
by Kuwabara no Miko. Becki's sweet, wonderful, sexy, absolutely better-than-chocolate Valentine's Day gift to me. *BEAM* Pairing: Aya/Yohji. (This fic is for 18+)