Say Goodbye (Tonight Let's Be Lovers)

A Songfic by Talya Firedancer

Disclaimers!! The lyrics to "Say Goodbye" belong entirely 100% to Dave Matthews and the Dave Matthews Band and all other concerned parties. Yu*Yu*Hakusho characters are the property of Yosihiro Togashi et aliae.

Anyone who's interested in listening to the song, it's on the second CD, "Crash," and it's track six.

As the music begins to play softly, a tangle of saxophone, drums, and violin, Kurama is curled up by the fireside in his apartment reading a book. Lightning paints the rain-streaked windows with a fiery white glow, and he glances at the windows, then turns back to the book, lifting a mug of something steaming to his lips.

A tap on the window causes his head to jerk up.

[So here we are tonight, you and me together  the storm outside, the fire is bright]

Hiei topples into the living room as Kurama wrenches the window open, and he bends swiftly to catch up the ragged dark figure in his arms. Hiei blinks up at him wearily; Kurama asks him a question to which he does not reply, merely shutting his eyes.

Kurama tends to Hiei's wounds on the couch by the fireside; finishes tying the bandage off and sits back on his heels.

Hiei's eyes are unreadable but intent.

A flashbolt of lightning starkly outlines Hiei's face and bare chest; Kurama's face is backlit in the light from the hearth, softened and mysterious with shadow, focused on Hiei.

[And in your eyes I see what's on my mind]

Hiei leans forward a little, eyes riveted to Kurama's lips.

Kurama's brilliant green eyes seem to glow, sparking not entirely from the firelight.

[You've got me wild, turned around inside  And then desire, see, is creeping up heavy inside here]

Hiei's breath is heaving in his chest. Kurama seems like an unmoving statue draped with soft shadow and bright warm fire. Hiei's lips part slightly, but no sound issues forth.

Hiei breaks the motionless spell by moving forward, tangling his fingers into the sidelocks of Kurama's red hair and tugging him in for a firm, long kiss.

Kurama looks dazed but ecstatic when they break apart.

[And I know you feel the same way I do now  Now let's make this an evening  Lovers for a night, lovers for tonight]

Hiei's face, that had been tautly expecting rejection, relaxes imperceptibly. Kurama leans in this time, for a deeply passionate kiss. Hiei's arms slip around him, pulling him, urging him up onto the couch, and they ease back together.

[Stay here with me, love, tonight  just for an evening  When we make our passionate pictures]

Kurama whispers something in Hiei's ear, who nods then gasps, arching sharply upward - against Kurama's body, and he smiles and caresses Hiei's face. The fire dapples over the planes and casts shadowed hollows over the interplay of muscle and entwined limbs.

[You and me twist up, secret creatures]

They topple off the couch together, still securely wound around each other. Kurama pulls back from nuzzling the hollow of Hiei's throat, face still slightly puzzled, questioning, before he leans down to kiss the bare exposed flesh. Hiei relaxes onto the carpet, warm with fireglow, his own expression still slightly closed, guarded.

[And we'll stay here...  tomorrow, go back to being friends]

Kurama closes his eyes as Hiei kisses him, wrestling on top, and pictures Hiei leaving the next day, face shuttered and on guard; sees himself pretending with a sad smile that none of this ever happened. He knows Hiei probably won't accept it any other way.

[We kiss and sweat  We'll turn this better thing  to the best  of all we can offer, just a rogue kiss...]

Hiei and Kurama, together on the fireplace, both unrestrained and blissful at the height of their passion.

Lying together in the afterglow, tangled limbs and sheened with a light gleam of sweat. Hiei's face pensive, as he tucks his head under Kurama's chin, against his collarbone.

The look of surprise crossing his face, as Kurama scoops a mildly protesting Hiei up in his arms and carries him into the bedroom.

[Tangled tongues and lips  See me this way  I'm turning and turning for you           .....just for tonight]

Kurama lowers himself slowly to Hiei, kissing slowly. Hiei is unhesitating as he reaches up, locks his arms around Kurama. Quick darting kisses, long slow heated kisses that draw out against one another, liquid fiery caresses.

Hiei catches his breath as Kurama pauses between kisses, his face now openly yearning. He tugs Kurama back to him, eagerly.

Kurama's eyes flick to the clock, desperate, then he turns to devour every precious second with Hiei.

[Float away here with me  an evening just wait and see  But tomorrow go back to your life  I'm back to my world  And we're back to being friends.  Wait and see me]

In both of their minds' eye, they envision the inevitable departure that will follow.

Kurama sees himself hunched miserably over a pile of paperwork, then scattering it furiously in a white whirl of trivial scrap paper.

Hiei casting one last glance back at the Ningenkai before vanishing into the deep Makai forest.

[Tonight let's do this thing  All we are is wasting hours until the  sun comes up, it's all ours]

Even more fiercely, Hiei turns to Kurama, catching him by surprise with his ardor. They move against each other, clinging almost desperately on the futon.

Kurama holding Hiei in his arms again, neither of them asleep, neither of them willing to admit they are awake, cuddling closely between the sheets.

Hiei turning to Kurama once more, turning in the circle of his loose embrace to surprise him with more fiery kisses, and insistent passion. Kurama succumbs with a smile.

[On our way here  tomorrow go back to being friends]

Hiei starts awake the next morning, skies cleared of rain, and dresses quickly. He stands over the sleeping fox with a puzzled expression on his face, then vanishes in a displacement of air before Kurama can wake up.

[Go back to being friends  Tonight let's be lovers, say you will  And hear me call, soft-spoken  whispering love]

Kurama wakes up groping at the empty sheets, calling Hiei's name. He sits up, closing his eyes as he remembers the passionate kisses and caresses, Hiei for once utterly responsive; unravels the sheets from his fingers with a hopeless look on his face. He touches the pillow beside him, then imagines meeting up with Hiei and their friends again, and seeing a look of indifference on the fire demon's face. Just friends.

He starts, tilts his head, imagining a soft thread of sound, Hiei's voice, curling around him.

[A thing or two I have to say here  Tonight let's go all the way then]

Hiei pauses in a tall tree, hearing Kurama's voice. He looks troubled. He remembers the previous night as Kurama had, and closes his eyes. Briefly he considers the possibility of something more...then his eyes snap open and he shakes his head roughly, cursing himself for a fool.

He thought he could walk away without a backward glance.

[Love I'll see you]

He pauses outside Kurama's window, watching him intently, hesitant and perched on a thick branch. If he crosses the one-night line, he doesn't know what will happen. In his crimson eyes the struggle is reflected - torn between the memories of last night, and the laughing, responsive lover...and his resolve not to let it affect him further.

[Just for this evening  Let's strip down, trip out at this  One evening starts with a kiss]

Kurama pushes away from his desk, begins to undress for bed. He pulls his shirt over his head, silky red hair cascading around his bare shoulders. He yawns, then freezes, mouth open in surprise at the sight of Hiei at the window, hands clenched on the sill. He wanders over, barefoot and shirtless, eyes trembling. Hiei stretches forward to kiss him, fleeting but searing.

[Run away...]

Kurama stares at vacant air, touching his lips. Was it a dream...?

[And tomorrow  back to being friends]

Hiei is curled up on a stout branch in the tree outside Kurama's window, arms wrapped around himself, shuddering. He can't leave. He can't *not* leave. His fingers echo Kurama's, brushing over his lips, remembering the heat of the fox's mouth.

[Just for tonight, one you]

Kurama's eyes fill with tears as he leans out the window, and whispers "ai shiteru."

Hiei's eyes snap open wide; he's rocked against the trunk of the tree with the shock.

[And tomorrow...say goodbye...?]

The music gradually winds down to a close as Hiei rises to his feet, his face suddenly calm with resolve.